In-home Wi-Fi

Why do operators want in-home smart WiFi?

Poor download and upload Wi-Fi speeds are among the most important reasons why subscribers churn.

Research shows that the higher the perceived internet speed, the higher subscriber satisfaction is going to be.

This is why Wi-Fi is mostly the last mile and a critical path for the user video experience. Operators who have invested in building a state-of-the-art video platform, want to control this last mile.

We have the solution. And more.

Decrease Costs

Save € 35 per household:

  • Improved call center support
  • Reduction of technician call-outs and truck rolls
  • Multicast over wifi at a high video quality – no more in-home cables needed!

Increase revenue

  • 80% of customers report increase of customer satisfaction
  • Differentiate from your competitors
  • Generate recurring revenue (upsell and cross-sell)
  • Avoid home cabling

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Increase Efficiency

  • 30% decrease in volume of Wi-Fi related support calls
  • Real-time, end-to-end visibility to resolve & prevent problems
  • Improvement of overall cost to serve


From blind spot to sweet spot

In order to keep subscribers happy, operators are starting to realize that in-home data can play an important role.

wifi end to end
When you have insight into the home situation, you could use the data to improve the quality of your video.

The data enables your engineers to include or exclude the in-home situation from the list of possible root causes of service failures.

This way you are able to detect and solve delivery failures faster and more accurately, improving the overall video service quality.

Divitel and AirTies. The best all-in one solution for service providers

We have partnered with Managed In-home Wi-Fi market leader Airties and together we can help you not only with the hardware  (extenders) to improve in-home connectivity, but also with especially developed software for service providers that offer real-time connectivity insights. That way, when customers call, you will able to help them. We offer transparent costs per active user (no additional cloud costs) which makes it an affordable solution for you.

Remote Manager Operator Software

monitor airties

On average, 30% of the support calls is WiFi related. Right now, you do not have the information that you need to remotely diagnose and fix issues and this forces you to unnecessary deploy service engineers and truck rolls. In total, the average operator is loosing 35 euro per subscriber per year on WiFi related customer care.

The especially developed operator software, generates insights about the in-home situation, so when customers call, you will be able to help them.

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Continuously optimizing Mesh Wifi extenders

Mesh extenders improve data throughput with up to 60% depending on the specific in-home situation ensuring a stable delivery. They are constantly optimizing between devices so that everyone in the home can enjoy maximum capacities at all times. In 80% of the cases only 2 access points are needed.


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Why Divitel?

  • As you know, we are experts in video distribution. In order for viewers to enjoy their favorite show or movie, a good and fast internet connection is of the outmost importance. This is why we have become Airties’ go to partner to service their Tier 2 operator customer base.
  • We can help you utilize the in-home data generated to improve your video distribution and increase service and viewing quality.
  • We can answer your questions around the economics of managed WiFi and help you build your business case.
  • We can integrate the software and hardware in your technical environments, the in-home data will help improve your end-to-end visibility from content acquisition to Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and everything in between.
  • We are able to embed the solution into your organizational processes, including customer care and engineering.
  • We offer transparent costs per active user (no additional cloud costs), making it more affordable.

Happy customers



“Divitel assisted us in our development of our new premium Wi-Fi service, from idea to realization and are a continued partner in the success of our growing business”.

Daan van Beek,
Chief Technology Officer,

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Go Malta

“We are committed to offer the best customer experience on the island, from the decision to try, all the way through to installation, and Divitel has helped us get this done quickly and smoothly”.

Antonio Ivankovic,
Chief Commercial Officer,
GO Malta

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About Airties

  • Especially developed for operators and service providers;
  • Optimized for video streaming;
  • Market leader;
  • Self-optimizing mesh architecture using AI.


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