Effortless IPTV transformation and operation

More than a next generation TV platform

In a bid to wow today’s subscribers, SETAR set its sights on crafting a lightning-fast internet backbone. The endgame? Paving the way for futuristic services, especially the dazzle of interactive TV/Video.

Dive into the mission’s key objectives:

1. SETAR was on the hunt for a video delivery guru. Why? So they could zero in on their daily business hustle. The ideal ally? Someone who could ace the project’s transformational and operational challenges, from blueprint to build, deployment to daily ops.

2.  SETAR aimed for flexibility, envisioning a smooth shift for their COAX customers to Fiber—on their own terms and timeline. The catch? Their new interactive TV service needed to shine on both platforms.

3.  The upgraded platform needed to deliver top-notch, user-friendly OTT experiences, like Netflix—because that’s the gold standard in today’s TV world.

4.  While the former COAX TV platform played it safe within its video confines, the new service was gearing up for a full-blown IP/OTT journey. To guarantee top-tier delivery, SETAR had its sights set on mastering the final stretch—the in-home network.

5.  To guarantee tip-top service quality and keep a keen eye on the platform’s pulse, SETAR would need a helping hand in engineering for their daily grind.

The transformation

Armed with a quarter-century of deep-dive expertise in video delivery and network optimization, Divitel stepped up as SETAR’s go-to partner to reshape and run their budding IPTV/OTT platform.

In our brainstorming with SETAR, we wove business insights, syncing their vision and goals with platform needs, and then mapping those needs to tech. The revamped blueprint boasts features like Catch-Up TV, Live TV Pausing, Restart TV, HD viewing, and a rich VOD library, including blockbuster movies and HBO series. Plus, it’s accessible anytime, anywhere—be it via set-top box or mobile apps.

We seamlessly integrated Middleware, Frontend, Transcoding, DRM, CDN, and the set-top box, all while following the Scaled Agile Framework playbook. Thanks to the hybrid design, SETAR’s new Interactive TV platform thrives on Fiber, Mobile, and HFC setups.

Seamless Management

With SETAR keen on their main hustle, Divitel steps in, orchestrating daily operations from our nerve center in the Netherlands.

From this hub, we’re on a mission: Elevate SETAR’s IPTV service quality and performance. Our scoreboard? Key metrics like swift root cause analysis, ticket counts, recovery speed, and getting it right the first time.

Our secret sauce? The Algorithm Factory. It’s our methodical, scalable approach to crafting and fine-tuning algorithms that push the envelope in video delivery and network finesse. Every service we offer? Powered by this innovation hub.

How does the factory work?



By utilizing the raw data (not only the standard dashboards and insights provided by vendors) we are able to analyze interoperability and find root causes of technical errors. We then fix them and ensure that errors do not repeat themselves, continuously improving the platforms that we manage.



Our “machines” comprise of various algorithms that we use for everything we do. From consultancy, to system integration to day to day maintenance.



An enhanced Quality of Experience and Quality of Service, all while improving operational margins and NPS scores.

Collaborative Excellence

Our engineering wizards are always on the hunt for insights, aiming to boost operational efficiency non-stop. Hand in hand with SETAR’s team, we co-pilot the new platform, setting the stage for them to eventually fly solo.

Why did SETAR choose this tandem approach with Divitel? Simple. Our method isn’t just different — it’s transformative. In our diverse deployments across the globe, our approach has consistently surpassed traditional methods. This has led to significant improvements in overall performance, as evidenced by these notable enhancements:


500% faster solving of critical incidents

Accelerated Incident Resolution


59% decrease in number of tickets



216% more changes

Streamlined Change Management


Happy Viewers

Hyper Quality of Experience

What does SETAR say about us?

"We are committed to bringing the newest technologies, apps, products, and services for the island of Aruba, and that is why we have partnered with Divitel to provide our customers with the most advanced platform on the market."
Raul Ponson
Sector Manager Technical Affairs


As the leader in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications on Aruba, SETAR continuously brings the newest technologies and innovative products, services, and apps to the Aruban community. The TV operator offers advanced mobile, Cable TV, high-speed Internet services, and fixed telephony for residential and business customers. The company ensures that residents and visitors of Aruba have access to the highest Internet speeds on their fixed and mobile networks on the island. Constant innovation in the technology of telecommunications is their mission for the further development of the company and the island.