Harnessing Third-Party Insights like a Pro

As third-party apps take the media and entertainment world by storm, there’s a twist: troubleshooting gets trickier. Why? Many of these hot apps like Netflix keep their raw data under wraps, making it tough to pinpoint glitches in video delivery.

The Third-Party App Dilemma: Balancing Control and Quality

As an operator, you strive to deliver an exceptional QOE/QOS to your subscribers. You have the knowledge and tools in-house, all under your control, to ensure this. However, when it comes to third-party apps, this control diminishes. You’re at the mercy of the third-party app owner, lacking the direct insights and control you’re accustomed to. This can be frustrating, especially when trying to determine if the root cause of an issue lies within your domain or is due to the third-party app.

Mastering the performance and interoperability of TV platforms and their third party apps

the key to keeping subscribers delighted

Optimizing TV Platforms & Third Party Apps: The Secret to Delighted Subscribers

Imagine if Sherlock Holmes was equipped with more than just his iconic magnifying glass; imagine if he had an entire state-of-the-art forensic lab at his fingertips. That’s how our team operates – like elite digital detectives. With cutting-edge tools and deep insights into the entire TV platform ecosystem, we delve into complex digital mysteries with unparalleled precision.


Our Stability Services


Why choose Divitel?

It’s not uncommon for technical errors to arise from third-party apps. By partnering with us we can help you gain extensive oversight of your tv platform, and help you quickly pinpoint these issues, ensuring you always have full control and clarity over your service delivery.

Our vast experience in the video delivery domain, derived from numerous deployments, and our vendor independence positions us uniquely to guide and support you. Whether it’s integration or operational support you seek, Divitel is your partner in navigating the challenges of third-party apps.



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