Agama offers a solution that monitors, assurances and analyzes the service quality of video (delivery) and customer experience. Agama their solutions and products help operators with ensuring optimal service quality, improved operational efficiency and increased customer understanding by the implementation of a data-driven way of working.

Who is Agama?

Agama is a Sweden based company, founded in 2004. They started as a monitoring solution with a focus on service. Their aim was to put the end customer and quality of experience (QoE) first. Basing decisions on objective data is an enabling factor throughout a company. From informed strategic decisions to daily efficiency across the entire organization. To help operators assure each individual viewing experience Agama enables the continuous monitoring of the service delivery. End-to-end – from creation to the point of consumption – for all subscribers. Agama’s scalable and full-coverage video operations support solutions are being used by operators worldwide.

Agama Solutions

Agama’s solutions provide the awareness and insights needed to drive operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, and can be implemented across a wide range of processes throughout the video service operator’s organization.

Head-end assurance
Agama’s solutions for head-end assurance provide operators with detailed insights throughout the various processing steps in a head-end. Using these solutions, head-end staff can verify the quality and availability of incoming streams, and assure the correctness of video processing steps and the correct hand-off to distribution.

Service operations
Agama’s solutions for technical operations supports video service operators in finding and solving problems as well as proactively improving performance of their video distribution and consumption solutions, across all technologies. Agama’s solutions for technical service operations help operations centers and technical staff to efficiently detect, locate and solve problems in their service, thereby minimizing issues seen by the viewer. The structured insights provided by the solution enable proactive improvement efforts that deliver both improved customer experience and reduce operational costs.

Service development
Agama’s solutions for service development provide operators with timely and detailed information about the performance of their solutions, enabling them to rapidly evolve their services without risking adverse impacts on customer experience. The solutions enable efficient change management, A/B-testing and advanced troubleshooting capabilities. Armed with these insights, Product Management and Development teams can rapidly evolve services without risking adverse impacts on customer experience.

Customer care applications
Agama’s solutions for customer care applications help operators improve customer experience while improving efficiency in customer interactions. Agama’s solutions use objective data, both historical and real-time, and powerful analytics tools to enable customer care to verify customer complaints, understand the severity of any issues and solve or escalate the problems and reduce the time spent doing so.

Agama Products

With Agama’s products, video service operators can gain full insight into their customers’ user experience. All their products are software-based and support any mix of dedicated hardware, virtualization and cloud implementation.

Agama Analyzers
Agama Analyzers provide active and passive video service assurance in the head-end and across delivery networks for all types of delivery technologies, such as OTT, cable, IPTV and broadcast. With QoE and detailed QoS metrics, they enable video service providers to run their services with full confidence.

  • Analyzers for multi-service head-end assurance: With the full stack analysis capabilities of the Analyzer FLEX and Analyzer OTT HE, head-end teams get real-time insights in all parts of the service: from input stream integrity, video and audio content quality, as well as ad-insert and other metadata validation.
  • Analyzers for IPTV network assurance: The Analyzer NET is optimized for monitoring of IPTV delivery networks, such as assurance in the egress points, core network or POPs.
  • Analyzers for cable network assurance: The Analyzer eQAM and Analyzer OMNIA provide full insight into the service performance of RF and IP carried MPTS services.
  • Analyzers for adaptive bitrate and OTT service assurance: The Analyzer OTT Edge provides monitoring of adaptive bitrate services and can be used at the packager, origin or work towards the CDN edge caches.

Agama Enterprise Platform
The Agama Enterprise Platform is designed as the central platform for visualization, analytics, alarming and correlation. It also acts as a central point of integration to other systems with a role-based user interface, to enable wide adaption within an operator organization.

Agama client device monitoring
The Agama Client Device Monitoring (CDM) product family enables real-time understanding of actual service performance and customer experience for each and every subscriber. It supports all delivery technologies and can be used in OTT, IPTV, cable and hybrid deployments. The solution supports technical operations, service management and development as well as customer care and media consumption analytics.

Agama Verifier (Advanced)
The Agama Verifier solution provides quality control of on-demand assets, validating not only correctness, but also properties such as resolution, language and subtitling. It can be flexibly integrated into the ingest workflow, ensuring that problematic content is detected before it can generate customer complaints. The Agama Verifier Advanced is designed for automatic validation of file based content, ensuring that problematic content is detected before it can cause customer issues.

You can read more on Agama on their website.

Agama and Divitel

As an Agama partner and leading system integrator for video delivery, Divitel has deployed Agama products in highly complex video delivery solutions. Our experience and expertise allows operators to fully benefit from the features and functionalities provided by Agama’s solutions. Would you like to talk to one of our engineers about your requirements or simply chat about the pros and cons of Agama’s products? Fill out the form on this page, drop us an email at or reach out to your personal Divitel contact.

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