WiFi 6 – Extenders

Be one step ahead of your competition

  • 40 to 60% higher throughput vs. WiFi 5
  • Faster data and more stable capacity
  • Less interference
  • Reduced delays/buffering (lower latency)
  • Greater network efficiency
  • Specifically designed in response to the massive number of connected devices in use today – and predicted to grow in the future


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Why Divitel?

  • As you know, we are experts in video distribution. In order for viewers to enjoy their favorite show or movie, a good and fast internet connection is of the outmost importance. This is why we have become Airties’ go to partner to service their Tier 2 operator customer base.
  • We can answer your questions around the economics of managed WiFi and help you build your business case.
  • We can integrate the software and hardware in your technical environments, the in-home data will help improve your end-to-end visibility from content acquisition to Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and everything in between.
  • We are able to embed the solution into your organizational processes, including customer care and engineering.
  • We offer transparent costs per active user (no additional cloud costs), making it more affordable.


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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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