Root Cause Analysis Acceleration

Reduce event noise and shorten your Mean Time to Investigate & Mean Time to Recover.

Cluster events and leverage the right data to determine failure root causes and solve problems faster.

Say thank you to the power of automation, cloud technology and Artificial Intelligence.


Identify root cause of failures super fast and accurately

The Divitel Analysis Acceleration Platform goes one step beyond monitoring. The system includes technology to help you correlate, find anomalies and even predict service degradations by using automation and algorithms.

So that your people can execute super-fast root cause analysis and solve issues right. The first time.

You will be able to track down the exact technology component that is causing problems and have the data to prove it so you can reduce noise when communicating with the corresponding technology vendor.

All through a customized architecture and tool combination, based on your current legacy and needs.

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Don’t take our word for it. Experience it for yourself through a Proof of Value

How does it work? It’s a three-step process:

  • First, we define a use case together.
  • Then, we analyze key data sources and build analytic models.
  • Thirdly, we explore results and come to recommendations and next steps

While we do this, we will be keeping in mind any legacy that you are currently using so that you can maximize that ROI.

And all of this within 6 to 12 weeks (depending on your use case).

Separately, we can also help you get started with the execution of said recommendations and next steps. For example, we could take over operations (temporarily) or train your engineers and help you get things started or any other operational support that you may need.


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