Intelligent Analytics Solution

Control the performance of your video service and grow your business

Content owners today are looking for ways to improve the quality of experience, create more fans and increase traffic, retention and engagement rates. In other words – to offer a flawless video experience. Today, that is quite a challenge. Why? Because in order to create and maintain a high quality of service, you need data. Video operations today, generate huge amounts of data that is locked in silos. So when things go wrong, it is almost impossible to get a full overview of the situation, difficult to find the root cause and determine what actions to take. Our Intelligent Analytics solution helps with just that. So that you can grow your business by making your operations more efficient and decrease your costs at the same time. And you will be doing it with innovative technology that allows you to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Increase efficiency

  • Reduce mean time to repair.
  • Increase mean time between failures.
  • Increase customer case automation.
  • Predict and prevent problems.

Grow your business

  • Increase customer satisfaction.
  • Increase traffic and engagement rates.
  • Maximize Net Promoter Score.
  • Generate upsell opportunities.

Driving operational efficiencies throughout the whole video service

On a high level, the solution is simple. First, it gathers all of the different siloed data into one data lake. Then, the artificial intelligence engine goes to work and through supervised and continuous automatic learning, is able to detect problems, identify root causes, predict future issues and propose necessary actions to prevent them.


Service features

Data Collection

Based on your current systems, we determine the right set of data to collect. We train and fine-tune an Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning model with the collected data. After we put in place the necessary data ingestion adapters, the solution can start classifying and correlating it automatically.

AI Engine

In time, the solution automatically learns the system norms, classifying, correlating and analyzing the incoming stream of data in real time. This way, the solution detects any anomalies within the end-to-end video system, without the need to set hard-coded thresholds beforehand. Once it detects an issue, it automatically creates a corresponding ticket, including all relevant logs and data, pointing to its root cause so that you can swiftly focus on the fix.


The solution provides a holistic view of the entire end-to-end video service operation via either standard dashboards or customized screens. Service history per customer, service status over geographical map and trendlines of quality issues are just a few examples of available visualization options. You can make customer care even more cost efficient by using automated chatbots to provide self-help.

A unique solution specially developed for video operations

  • Customized disruptive innovation.
  • Data driven process enabler.
  • Cross pollination of best practices and data insights from different customers, technologies and silos.
  • Optimized legacy systems with new technology.
    A non-invasive tool; no agent required.
  • Your data is safe with us; we are ISO27001 certified.

We are uniquely qualified to help you attain lean operations and achieve profitable growth. With over 20 years of video domain expertise, we are able to combine and integrate cutting-edge technologies from companies like Amazon, Google, Ambrite, Splunk, etc., to assemble the best solution for your specific needs.


Transition into a data-driven organization

Are you struggling with how to successfully transition into a data-driven organization? You don’t know what your specific data related needs are? Download our Media Data Navigator. It will provide you with a framework to help you align your data strategy to your business objectives.

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Download our Media Data Navigator

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