Service Automation Platform for Video Distribution

When managing the day-to-day video delivery operations for our customers, we have been generating real, measurable impact:

  • 300% faster solving of viewing issues
  • 67% less FTE’s needed
  • 125 x more changes

All of these combined results in an amazing increase of operational margin. For our customers, this is game changing, representing a quantum leap forwards in their operational efficiency , digital transformation and innovation power.



How did we do it?
With our Service Automation Platform, especially designed for managing day to day video distribution.

Maximum Efficiency and Quality


The Divitel Service Automation Platform is a suite of tools, intelligent dashboards and workflows created with our unique domain specific expertise, that monitor, alert, and support decision making by providing real time insights about current conditions. Its architecture is deployed on top of our customers’ existing video delivery ecosystems and consists of data adapters, event processing logic, rule processing, analytics, dashboards, alerting facilities, and capabilities to trigger responses in applications, devices, or workflows. It allows a bionic approach to video delivery operations in which the Platform increases workers ability to respond quickly to changing conditions.  

Market recognized and award winning






Many, many benefits

Higher service quality

  • Increased control of operations
  • The ability to change fast and accurately

No more outsourcing of customer care needed

  • Decrease of viewer complaints
  • Reduction of customer service costs
  • Reduction of truck-rolls

Increase of customer satisfaction

  • Decrease of churn
  • Making it possible to offer premium packages
  • Increase of revenue

30% Increase of operational margin

Generating funds from within the same operations that today are the cause of many problems

Innovative features

The Divitel Platform is an ITIL and ISO27001 compliant solution. It makes it possible for us to include the following (and many other) features in our service packages:

Intelligent Monitoring


Root Cause


Customer examples


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Chief Innovation Officer
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