The Impact of Divitel

Our approach to video delivery is revolutionizing the world of media and entertainment. We combine the focused video delivery knowledge of our people to proven industry standards and processes. Additionally, we apply state of the art technology independently and the result is video delivery that is the most efficient it can be. Not only helping our customers, but having a positive impact on all parties (directly or indirectly), making them able to change faster, better and easier.

This is why the World Economic Forum has recently appointed Divitel as Global Innovator.

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Through a powerful combination of people, processes and technology, we enable small and midsized service and content providers to bring their offering to market and compete against big players. 

Also we help them connect to different players and stakeholders so they can complete their offering. 

Because of this, content becomes more divers and fitting to viewer’s specific cultural needs around the globe.


Because of Divitel, there is a significant improvement in the performance and working lives. The reason is that there is a consistently decreasing number of failures in the day-to-day video delivery operations, which frees up time and resources to further innovate, encouraging the creativity of employees as we empower them to do what machines cannot. This results in day to day activities that are of high value and fitting to individual capabilities and corporate strategy. 

Our holistic approach engages all stakeholders in the process of change and day to day operations.

We believe in the benefits of cultural diversity and employ colleagues from different nationalities. 


Supply Chain

We empower small and midsized service and content providers to bring their products to market in a competitive and efficient way. We level the playing field, helping them to stand strong against global tech giants.

Our approach increases the speed of change and maximizes control by reducing deployment failures and speeding up mean time to resolve, making the whole ecosystem hundred of times more efficient.

Our technology vendor partners are able to focus on their core business (software development) and we provide the transformation tools, SI, deployments and operational services and together we offer the full solution to any customer challenge.


We help transform and modernize legacy video delivery platforms. We apply latest technology and cloudify as much as possible. Cloud computing is the most cost-effective infrastructure used for running applications. ​

This in combination with our people, knowledge and processes, helps make video delivery more efficient:​

  • 60x fewer deployment failures​
  • 168x faster mean time to resolve​
  • 200x faster and more efficient than the competition​

As to be expected, this approach results in a 60% reduction on the consumption of energy and CO2 emissions.​



Privacy is one of the main ingredients in trust and continues to be one of the primary barriers to business growth. That is why we constantly develop ethical guidelines on how to manage information and are one of the first in our industry to have been accredited ISO 27001. We make video delivery more transparent and secure through the application of innovative technology like for example Blockchain. 

We apply leading industry operational standards like ITLv4 to manage the flow of data and information. We guarantee a minimum quality in our way of working through ISO 9000. Most importantly, we only partner with companies who have the same norms and core values.

World / Regional

On a local level, we support cultural diversity by helping local content become more readily available through the small and midsized service providers who are our customers.

On a global level we leverage on video delivery knowledge from more digitally advanced regions and apply that to customers in regions who have still to take their first steps into digitalization. 

Last but certainly not least, from our Divitel Operating Center in the Netherlands we manage video delivery operations remotely for customers all around the world.

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