How to compete with born-digital video services

Imagine your car is constantly breaking down, leaving you stranded. Since your car is a complex machine, it takes time for experts to find out what’s causing the problems and once the cause is determined, they’re spending a lot of time in getting it repaired.

The problem is that you’ve been looking forward to having this new sound system installed for a long time now. You also wanted to replace your tires and your shock absorbers to ensure a smoother ride. But because your car is constantly breaking down, you’ve had to postpone these investments a couple of times now and that is irritating to say the least.


Control and Compete

Unfortunately, this same situation applies for many of the traditional video services today. Engineers are spending most of their time performing an almost impossible balancing act, trying to repair problems and do not have any time or resources to implement any other improvements. Improvements that are actually very much needed in order to stay relevant and compete in today’s disruptive media landscape.

The solution lies in first, finding a way to get your video delivery ‘machine’ under control. Increasing its reliability, availability and capacity. And then, when that’s done, your engineers will be spending less money and resources on fixing failures and become available to implement upgrades, adding new features and functions so that your service can become more relevant and compete in today’s market.


Excellent results


Faster Root Cause Analysis


Fewer tickets


Faster Mean Time to Recover

Tools and operational services

We’ve helped operators get this right before. Let us plandeploy and/or manage an architecture within your existing legacy that will help you get your video service performance under control.


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