Control the performance of your video operation

Video and OTT service providers today are looking for ways to increase the quality of their services and empower their customer care.  The main goal of course, is to increase customer satisfaction and, in case of OTT,  increase traffic and engagement rates.

That is no easy task. Video operations generate huge amounts of data that is  locked in silo’s. So when things go wrong, it is almost impossible to get a full overview of the situation, difficult to find the root cause and determine what actions to take.

Our Intelligent Analytics solution helps with just that. So that you are able to grow your business by making your operations more efficient and decrease your costs at the same time.

Driving operational efficiencies throughout the whole video service

On a high level, the solution is simple. First, it gathers all of the different siloed data into one data lake. Then, the artificial intelligence engine goes to work and through supervised and continuous automatic learning, is able to detect problems, identify root causes, predict future issues and propose necessary actions to prevent them.

A unique solution specially developed for video operations:

  • Customized disruptive innovation, 

  • Data driven process enabler, 

  • Optimized legacy systems with new technology,

  • A non-invasive tool: no agent required,

  • You data is safe with us: we are ISO 27001 certified

Divitel is uniquely qualified to attain lean operations and achieve profitable growth

With over 20 years of video domain expertise, we are able to combine and integrate cutting-edge technologies from companies like for example Amazon, Google, Ambrite, Splunk, etc. to assemble the best solution for your specific needs.

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