System Integrations

Fast time to market. Successful deployments. No service interruptions. Satisfied viewers.

These are the most important things you are looking for when selecting a system integration partner for your video distribution platform.

Most importantly, integration is the basis for smooth running platforms and if done right, it prevents a lot of unnecessary hassle. Not only during integration, but especially during day-to-day maintenance.

Our system integration services ensure all of this and more.

System Integrations in three steps

Every project is different of course. But overall, it is safe to state that every one of our projects consists of three steps. The activities within each step are totally customizable and adjustable to your specific needs and situation:




Together we plan your platform, from idea to rollout. From requirements engineering, to high level design, to setting up your data approach, to TCO calculations.



In this stage we build your new component(s) into your platform. Besides the actual deployment, activities here can vary from low level designs, to work packages, to testing, etc.



After deployment it is possible that your engineers need training. Or other types of operational support either through SLA’s or outsourced activities.

About our operational services

Customer examples

Why do customers choose us?

Below are just some of the reasons our customers partner with us:

1. Effortless. No hassle.

If done right, system integration is much more than just coordinating or project managing. It requires a partner who takes ownership and can be held responsible for the whole integration. A real partner who also can trouble shoot and fix issues if needed. This way Divitel cuts through a lot of red tape, getting things done accurately and without any delays. This means zero hassle for you. Only speed, accuracy and accountability.

2. Maximum viewing quality and performance

To achieve maximum viewing quality, the whole platform must perform as intended (not just a silo!).

That is why we apply an end-to-end approach (including all video distribution processes holistically, from content acquisition to the consumer devices) to different project activities:

  • Base line setting and requirements engineering.
  • TCO calculations.
  • Performance testing.
  • Vendor orchestration (prime contractor).
  • Pre-live solving of issues.

3. Fact based certainty

We gather relevant data from all silos to make correlations, find anomalies and create insights to evaluate service performance, predict service degradations or verify component and end-to end performance. Benefits:

  • Absolute certainty the installation will have the desired effect.
  • Avoids unpleasant surprises/costs/delays.
  • Makes manual testing obsolete.

The short movie shows the Divitel Knowledge graph: a model of our domain knowledge done by our experts, showing data interlinking, and machine learning algorithms.

4. Total freedom

Not many system integrators are truly independent. They often have their own software and not much experience with other components. By partnering with us, you ensure:

  • your legacy technology is taken into account,
  • you do not lock yourself in with any specific vendor
  • the technology used is the best fit for your specific situation.

5. We always deliver. No matter what.

For the last 25 years, we have only done video distribution. In this field, innovation is key.  And because video delivery innovation has our full focus, we leverage from our knowledge gained so that all our customers benefit. This drive to innovate powers our efforts to always find a way to make any project a success. No matter what happens. We deliver.

6. Flexibility – we adjust to you

Before, during and after any system integration project, we keep in mind what you want. You already selected a technology vendor that you want to work with? Fine! You have already have a high level design? Perfect! Nothing is written in stone. For each project we discuss who does what in our partnership.


Divitel System Integration mentioned in CSI Magazine article

Very recently, we were happy to see Divitel mentioned in CSI magazine’s 2022 spring edition, where editor Goran Nastic stated:

“One example of a company that is innovating and showing results in the field of system integration is Divitel in the Netherlands. Selected by the WEF as a Global Innovator, the Dutch company will consider every possible entry to deliver the best possible solution through a personalised and more joined-up approach. Not many video system integrators are truly independent (ie, both vendor and technology agnostic). Uniquely, rather than pushing its own in-house solutions or preferred ‘best of breed’ vendors into the mix, Divitel customers are guaranteed to receive the technology, brand or vendor that best fits their specific requirements — from headend to client device, whether that is DRM, video processing, video storage, middleware or front end. In this way, service providers can avoid being locked-in while remaining flexible and future proof. System integration could also benefit greatly from a data-driven approach, with a partner who works based on data and facts instead of guesswork. Another of Divitel’s USPs is the ability to transform data into insights that can provide knowledge of how well the new integrated component works within the ecosystem, during the integration process and before going live.”

article system integration csi

Read the full article here


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