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Digicel contacted us because they were looking to upgrade their video distribution platform. In order to keep their subscribers happy, they wanted to modernize their service. More importantly, they wanted to be able to work in a more fact based way, utilizing the power of data and analytics to improve performance and service.

Flexibility and future scalability were also of big importance, the ability of adding channels and locations when the situation asked for it.

What did we do for Digicel?



In below overview, we describe the different project stages.

As you can see, special care was paid to automating as much as possible as the complex, multi-location platform required many updates.

In order to make the update process easy and error free, we automated not only the installment of operating systems, but also the configuration of the channel line ups. 

At the same time this allows for easy scalability and prevention of bottle necks in the future as Digicel will be able to install through just one click.

The project also included expansion of the platform with new OTT CDN analyzers.

In order to ensure quality and performance levels, we made it possible to monitor availability and technical quality:

Step 1

Analysis of the current situation

Future proof architectural designs and guidance on KPIs and metrics

Upgrade legacy (incl. multicast analyzers) to latest version

Step 2

Expansion with 5 new OTT CDN analyzers in 2 islands based on boot strapping – automized installment of operating systems through kickstart images and templates

Step 3

Automatic configuration of all 200 channel line ups based on ansible playbooks

Availability & Technical quality monitoring dashboarding of all  L2 and L3 CDN nodes. Easily to be expanded with other regions

Step 4

From our Divitel Operating Center in the Netherlands:

  • Procurement of all materials
  • Testing and assemblage
  • Trouble shooting and fixing of issues.
  • Deployment

Step 5

Training and manuals for guidance of engineers so they could get the most out of their new platform

Why Divitel system integrations?


Fast time to market. Successful deployments. Satisfied viewers.

These are the most important things you are looking for when selecting a system integration partner for your video distribution platform.  Most importantly, integration is the basis for smooth running platforms and if done right, it prevents a lot of unnecessary hassle. Not only during integration, but especially during day-to-day maintenance.
Our system integration services ensure all of this and more.

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