Performance Data Monetization

Harness the power of data and automation

Every system generates data. TV and video services are no exemption.
Most people already know about the possibility to monetize subscriber data.
But what many do not realize, is that the platforms’ performance data can be used to:

  • increase efficiency,
  • create operational margin and
  • improve quality.

We know what to do with data

Our innovative approach to data is not only innovative. It is also proven as we apply it in services like troubleshooting, system integration and the daily management of customer video distribution platforms. It is the reason why we have won many awards recently.

In a very hands-on way, we can show you what to do. Below is a real life example of what we did for Setar and Quickline.

Step 1

Investigate your platform’s technology landscape (status quo) and KPI’s.

Step 2

Determine current insights, new insights needed and set up for Non-linear TV, VOD, TV Apps, Linear TV, EPG. In home, etc.

Step 3

Data implementation guidance on data forwarders installation, data trimming and data lake preparation.

Step 4

We guide you on intelligent dashboarding and insights creation ​

Step 5

Alignment of incident, problem, change and release processes

Step 6

dations on future roadmap

Customer examples



Why Divitel?


When it comes to video distribution we are in total control.

Our end-to-end, data-driven approach enables us to know with absolute certainty how the system is performing or is going to perform (no more guesswork!) for any deployment or change. It enables us to manage our customers platforms efficiently. So efficient that we have realized an operational margin increase of 30%.

Let us show you how you too could do it.


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