The Divitel Quantum Platform

Low cost, high quality TV and video through increased control of operational complexity

When managing the day-to-day video delivery operations for our customers, we have been generating real, measurable impact:

  • 80% faster root cause analysis
  • 65% fewer tickets
  • 50% faster mean time to recover
  • 40% increase in first time right
  • 60% carbon reduction, and all of this combined results in a
  • 30% increase of operational margin

For our customers, these results are game changing, representing a quantum leap forwards in their operational efficiency.

How did we do it? Through our SaaS solution that we call the Divitel Quantum Platform.

It makes the managing of video delivery ecosystems much faster, better and easier.

Bionic TV Operations


The Divitel Quantum Platform is a SaaS solution that supports decision making by providing insights about the current conditions. Its architecture is deployed on top of the existing system and gathers all platform data into one data lake. From there, it can be correlated, searched and translated into insights, dashboards and alerts. It helps us, and our customers, to know the status of their ecosystem in real time, increasing the ability to sense and respond quickly to changing conditions. We plan to further develop the Divitel Quantum Platform to become a self-learning solution that uses machine learning to automatically locate, diagnose and predict errors in video operations.


Higher service quality

  • Increased control of operations
  • The ability to change fast and accurately

Customer Care

No more outsourcing of customer care

  • Decrease of viewer complaints
  • Reduction of customer service costs
  • Reduction of truck-rolls

Service Quality

Increase of customer satisfaction

  • Decrease of churn
  • Making it possible to offer premium packages
  • Increase of revenue

Operational Margin

Increase of operational margin

Generating funds from within the same operations that today are the cause of many problems

How does it work?

First, we deploy SaaS architecture consisting of technology and monitoring locations that is placed on top of our customers video delivery ecosystem. This architecture which we call the Divitel Quantum Platform, extracts all the data generated by the different silos/software components of our customers video delivery ecosystem and unifies it so that engineers can access the data from one point.

From there our people correlate and analyze it. In case of a service failure, our experts, with their extensive and focused knowledge of video delivery know where to start looking in order to detect the cause of the failure.

Once detected, we have the data to prove which component or silo is responsible for the failure, which prevents a lot of back-and-forth discussions with vendors and, most importantly, ensures that the applied fix is the right one and does not cause any new problems once implemented.

Lastly, we automate the Platform by coding insights and workflows, so it becomes increasingly intelligent with each failure detected.


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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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