Quantum Managed Distribution

Total Control

High quality TV and video
at increased operational margins


When managing the day-to-day video delivery operations for our customers, we have been generating real, measurable impact:

  • 80% faster root cause analysis
  • 65% fewer tickets
  • 50% faster mean time to recover
  • 40% increase in first time right
  • 60% carbon reduction, and all of this combined results in a
  • 30% increase of operational margin

For our customers, these results are game changing, representing a quantum leap forwards in their operational efficiency and digital transformation.

How did we do it? Our solution is called the Divitel Quantum Platform.

It makes the managing of video delivery ecosystems much faster, better and easier.

Maximum Efficiency and Quality


The Divitel Quantum Platform is a suite of tools, intelligent dashboards and workflows created with our unique domain specific expertise, that monitor, alert, and support decision making by providing real time insights about current conditions. Its architecture is deployed on top of the existing video delivery ecosystem and consists of data adapters, event processing logic, rule processing, analytics, dashboards, alerting facilities, and capabilities to trigger responses in applications, devices, or workflows. It allows a bionic approach to video delivery operations in which the Platform increases workers ability to respond quickly to changing conditions.  

End-to-End AIOps

End-to-end, monitoring and automated diagnostics

The scalable monitoring infrastructure consists of technology and monitoring locations, placed on top of the end-to-end (from content acquisition to devices) video delivery ecosystem.

This architecture extracts all the data generated by the different silos/software components and unifies it so that engineers can access the data from one point.

This way, you can continue to use your existing systems, while the Platform consumes all events, alerts, logs and performance data from them.

The solution includes its own monitoring infrastructure to monitor end-to-end availability, quality of service, reliability, devices and all connected technology components.

It has been developed by experts who code their extensive knowledge of video distribution processes into it, along with workflows to detect service failures and anomalies fast and accurately through intelligent dashboards and alarms.

The platform contains different out-of-the-box elements, which we will configure to adjust to any existing legacy video distribution ecosystem.

AI Powered Operational Support

The Platform offers intelligent monitoring to support any video distribution operational team. If you have such a team in place, we would train your people for a short period of time on how to work with the platform, enabling them to get the most out of it.

In case you do not have such a team available, we have people who could support you remotely from our Operating Center in the Netherlands. There are different service packages to choose from:

Monitoring Services
Up to 30% increase of operational margin by always knowing what is going on.

Analysis Services
Up to 35% increase of operational margin through super fast and accurate root cause analysis.

Fully Managed Operational Services
Up to 30% increase of operational margin through increase of first time right and speeding up of time to market.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Bionic Robot

In order to detect service failures fast and accurately, we apply different artificial intelligence and machine learning principles.

One example is the use of clustering techniques to create the labelled data sets needed for anomaly detection.

Another, is the classification of produced log information when collecting data into a data lake and transforming it into insights.

No more guesswork!


video tech inno awards

What makes this product particularly innovative is that it enables real-time, factbased decision making versus guesswork. 

In the past, service providers were dependent on social media and customer service to know the status of their service quality. Only very serious cases were detected, much too late, damaging brand awareness.

Instead, we enable factbased decisions so changes made are always the right ones, not causing further deterioration. 

This innovative and proven approach to video distribution is the reason Divitel has recently been appointed Global Innovator by the World Economic Forum and won the DTVE 2021 Advanced TV Innovation Awards

Many, many benefits

Higher service quality

  • Increased control of operations
  • The ability to change fast and accurately

No more outsourcing of customer care needed

  • Decrease of viewer complaints
  • Reduction of customer service costs
  • Reduction of truck-rolls

Increase of customer satisfaction

  • Decrease of churn
  • Making it possible to offer premium packages
  • Increase of revenue

30% Increase of operational margin

Generating funds from within the same operations that today are the cause of many problems

Innovative features

The Divitel Platform is an ITIL and ISO27001 compliant solution. It makes it possible for us to include the following (and many other) features in our service packages:

Intelligent Monitoring


Root Cause


Customer examples

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