Effortless Project Delivery

Speed to market and first time right deployments

TV ad network operators, it’s time to unwind and see your technology projects unfold as seamlessly as the plot of your top show. With our adaptable support service, we take on the grunt work, making project delivery a smooth ride.
Get ready for effortless achievement — your next big decision is picking the perfect way to celebrate.

How we make project delivery effortless

Every deployment is different, depending on the operator’s abilities and strategy. Below you can find an example of a project that we have recently supported for Tele Columbus in Germany.

Requirements to Deliverables

Low-level Scope Design

Creation of POC

SI Management

Performance Analysis

Acceptance and Friendly User Tests

Customer example


“Divitel’s role was crucial in seamlessly integrating and launching PŸUR TV HD. Their management of complex technicalities and focus on subscriber satisfaction were invaluable.”
Markus Oswald
CEO, Tele Columbus

Why Divitel?

We ensure project success through three key strategies:

  1. Expertise: Leveraging over 25 years of experience, we navigate TV and network operations with unmatched skill, drawing from a vast history of deployments.
  2. Independence: Our technology independence means we recommend solutions tailored specifically to your needs, ensuring a perfect fit.
  3. Fact based: With a data-driven approach, we measure each action’s impact, confidently predicting improvements in QoS and subscriber satisfaction.

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