Optimize your TV and Network Operation Rollercoaster through Automation

In the hyper-competitive media world where every subscriber counts, think of video delivery and network optimization as a theme park rollercoaster ride. It’s thrilling, but also packed with challenges: from the sharp twists of fluctuating bandwidths to the heart-stopping plunges of device incompatibilities, and the rapid spins of instantaneous streaming needs.

In the media landscape, where cost-effective subscriber engagement is paramount, consider our automation expertise as your essential safety harness.


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Enjoy the ride with our 25-year legacy

Dive into the world of flawless TV and networking operations without the baggage of extra costs! With our quarter-century expertise, we’re your ticket to automated perfection. Wave goodbye to recurring errors and hello to unbeatable consistency. No need for an army of engineers — with our advanced automation magic, your subscribers get the impeccable streaming they deserve. Strap in with us, and let’s make video delivery a breeze!

Here is the amazing impact realized for our customers!
Imagine what this would mean for your subscriber satisfaction...


59% less tickets


0 hours mean time to identify


5x faster mean time to resolve


216% more changes

Why choose Divitel?

Navigate with Knowledge

Embark on your automation adventure with our seasoned map of TV platform wisdom. From deciphering the right data to gather, to pinpointing the perfect management system, our vendor-neutral expertise clears the fog. With two and a half decades under our belt, we don’t just guide – we illuminate every step.

Fast and Seamless Integrations

Our system integration services are the precision-engineered rails of your rollercoaster journey. From synchronizing automation tools and monitoring systems to weaving together configuration management and APIs, we ensure a smooth ride across every loop and turn. With our expertise, anticipate exhilarating speeds without the jolts.

Excellence Around the Clock

We can be your vigilant eyes, identifying automation opportunities and heading off challenges before they arise. With our non-stop remote engineering support, rest assured your automation systems run flawlessly, ensuring seamless operations at all times.

The automation magic applied at Quickline


Navigating the daily intricacies of Switzerland’s top operator, we inject a dash of automation magic. The result? Lightning-fast resolutions to tech hiccups and a soaring NPS score that sings praises. All this while keeping an eagle eye on operational costs.


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