Wi-Fi Quality Support

For TV and Telecom operators, Wi-Fi is more than a signal — it’s the secret to unmatched service quality and experience, boosting profits, business growth, and operational efficiency.

By elevating QoE with stellar in-home Wi-Fi

you too could generate these amazing results:


+19 months customer lifetime


35 EUR per sub per year call rate savings


+revenue new opportunities and recurring


+competitive advantage

How does in-home Wi-Fi elevate QoE?



Wi-Fi ensures maximum wireless broadband throughput preventing dead zones and signal disruptions, so subscribers have an uninterrupted experience across various high-demand applications



Wi-Fi data and analytics help increase efficiency and effectiveness of network and tv platform management, making it possible to prevent and solve errors quickly, lowering customer service call rates and costs

Our Wi-Fi Support options

Let us support you at each step of your Wi-Fi journey:


Planning to introduce Wi-Fi technology? We promise a smooth start in just 14 weeks.

  • Advice, architecture and service design
  • Technology implementation
  • Implementation operations
  • Training, warehousing and logistics


Want to make your network and TV platform better with Wi-Fi data? We’re experts in that.

  • Investigation of current technological environment
  • Collection of Big Data, setting of KPI’s, alarming and metrics
  • Creation of actionable insights for the workflows


We’re here to work with you every day, making sure your system always runs at its best.

  • Proactive improvement support 24/7
  • Monitoring based on workflows
  • Solving and predicting issues
  • Analysis of user experience
  • Creation of insights for new products

Customer examples

Why us?

By selecting Divitel, Pay TV and internet operators can be confident that they have a dependable partner committed to helping them deliver an outstanding experience for their customers, while also supporting their business goals.


Drawing on 25+ years of experience in the industry, Divitel’s team of experts offers in-depth knowledge and understanding of quality of service, ensuring a seamless experience for subscribers.

Customized, independent approach

We offer tailor-made, vendor-agnostic strategies, selecting the best technologies and practices for specific needs and requirements.

Commitment to success

Our focus on customer satisfaction helps achieve business goals, driving growth and profitability in our customers’ competitive market.


Wi-Fi Starter Pack

The Wi-Fi Starter Pack


Try it out!

Discover in only 90 days how Wi-Fi will elevate your QoE


Choosing to boost your Wi-Fi service is a big decision. Get the Starter Pack and know what improvements and benefits will come with better Wi-Fi quality control.

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