Corporate Brand Promise

I am Hans Kornmann, CEO and founder of Divitel. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about myself because if you understand me, then you will hopefully also understand Divitel. And understanding is the first step towards a better future.

Change is the only constant thing in the universe

“You have to change to stay the same”, is the motto that I live by. As the founder of Divitel, my core mission is to bring every screen to life with the latest video technology. This continues to be an ever-changing and exciting endeavour.

25 Years ago, the challenge was to convince people digital was the way forward. Today, the challenge is to show how automation can benefit everyone and allow us to change faster.

My strong interest in technology has always driven my career. Even as a child I loved technology. I was always building things and playing with transmitters, data broadcasting, and the first-generation microprocessors. I bought my first computer with money earned from delivering newspapers. It was a ZX81 with first-generation processors and 1K RAM I modified myself. It’s still working, even today.

Computer Hans
The first computer that I modified


Our promise to you

25 Years ago I was convinced digital TV was the future. This led me to a career as an engineer in the cable industry. After working for several companies in the Netherlands, I started my own company in digital video broadcasting: Divitel. At Divitel, we take “changing to stay the same” to the maximum. Our aim is to build a brand that stands for more than the value added to our customers. What we stand for represents the way we want to make an impact into people’s lives. It is beyond the profit agenda and it’s about the personal, societal and ecological outcomes of the experience.  We have summarized our Brand Promise into three components. Our Belief. Our Purpose and our Actions.

Our Belief

We believe that Change is the law of nature and the only constant thing in the universe. The only thing that you can truly control is your ability to accept change. In order to grow and be successful, one must be able to change constantly.

Our Purpose

That is why we have made it our purpose to revolutionize the world of media and entertainment to meet the growing and changing demands of people.

Our Actions

We do that by working towards the creation of autonomous, constantly improving video services by applying a 360 degree data-driven insights strategy, CI/CD processes, micro services based cloud technology and artificial intelligence.

Our ongoing success is built on learning and sharing. Recently, we have joined the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a member, where we will be contributing to the Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning portfolio of their projects.

I’m always open to connecting with like-minded people and exchanging insights. Leadership is about taking on board a wide range of ideas and opinions. I’m keen to talk to people working with automation, or to mentor entrepreneurs dedicated to transforming the tech industry. This includes engineers, executives and thought leaders who share my vision, wherever they are in the world.

Over the years Divitel has worked for customers around the globe. Partnering with us is often a strategic decision and with dozens of happy customers, we’d be happy to provide you with examples of successful deployments relevant for your specific case.


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