In 1996 Divitel’s foundations were laid, a Dutch digital video broadcasting and telecommunications company was formed. In the same year the medium internet emerged. Internet was in its infancy at that time, but soon became booming business. Several other companies doing digital video were founded in the same years, but thanks to the strong pioneering spirit of Divitel and its team, this company was the only -on digital video focused- corporation that survived the huge internet crash in 2003.

It took a lot of study with scientists and other specialists, but being the first company to realise a digital video connection was of course a very special and undertaking process! Divitel focused on the professional broadcast industry in the Netherlands at first, but shortly after the start foreign companies relied on the capabilities of Divitel as well.


A few of the first defining projects of Divitel



The delivery of an analogue / digital MPEG2 mobile uplink station in Kurdistan


The 1st video via G703 connection, with Dutch telecom operator KPN


1st Video over IP connection (from Budapest to Amsterdam)


The realization of the interactive video connections for the popular television program: ‘Big Brother’


More than 10 years later – and lots of experiences richer – much has changed. Divitel has been relocated several times and has increased enormously. With its solid foundation in the professional broadcast market, Divitel became the leading systems integrator for professional video solutions with its focus on the whole of Europe and the Caribbean!

But one thing is still the same; for companies offering digital television, the right technology is an essential condition to ensure that services properly arrive at the end users!

Divitel; (still) with passion we deliver visual solutions!
Divitel; more than video.