First Time Right TV Technology Launch Support

Looking to launch or modernize your TV platform? We are your compass.
Our expertise in digital video performance ensures your TV launch or upgrade hits the mark – on time, no hitches.
Think seamless integrations, zero delays, and a ‘get it right the first time’ approach so you can delight your subscribers and maximize QoE.


We make deployments effortless for TV operators

At the core of our support services lies a commitment to adaptability and vendor-neutrality, ensuring that we tailor our approach to meet your unique requirements.

Drawing on a rich tapestry of 25 years in the field, our seasoned experts harness the power of data and automation to ensure every deployment will have the desired effect.

Through proficiency in AI, ML, ITIL, ISO 27001, and DevOps, we bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and a treasure trove of insights from countless successful deployments.

Divitel Technology Launch Support

There are many ways in which we support TV Operators with their technology deployments.

Here are some examples:

Platform Audits

We identify shortcomings of your current IPTV/OTT/hybrid video distribution platform and provide recommendations on how to improve its performance.

RFP Support

When we execute your RFP, you can be certain that you will select the right platform technology  for maximum interoperability, performance and subscriber satisfaction.

Project Delivery

First time right deployments with max QoE through expert and vendor independent project management.

System Integration

Guarantee swift and flawless first-time right deployments, keeping you one step ahead in subscriber satisfaction and QoE.

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Tuan Huynh
Chief Innovation Officer
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