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In today’s evolving landscape of video content delivery, where the complexity of technologies continues to grow, and subscriber demands keep changing, the need for a more efficient and agile approach is paramount. Divitel recognizes this need and presents the solution: the Divitel Algorithm Factory.

In this factory we are creating a systematic and scalable methodology for creating, managing, and refining algorithms in the field of video delivery.

It functions similarly to a conventional factory, employing its “machines” to manage distinct “assets” and ultimately producing a valuable “end product” of algorithms that fuel the advancement of video delivery capabilities.

Effortless transformation for the entire video delivery landscape

The Divitel Algorithm Factory is a game-changer. It helps streamline operations for us, our pay TV clients and technology vendor partners, enhancing everything from technological performance to viewer behavior understanding. This not only helps satisfy and grow the customer base efficiently, but it’s also cost-effective and precise, replacing manual, error-prone processes.

This leap forward greatly boosts operational efficiency, digital transformation, and innovation power.

Our factory’s products


Accelerated Incident Resolution

Our algorithms have made critical incident resolution five times faster, allowing for proactive error detection and prevention, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience.


Streamlined Change Management

With a remarkable 216% increase in executed changes, our algorithms help reduce lead times and downtime, enabling swift adaptability to changing market demands and keeping our operator customers ahead of the competition.


Efficient Operations

We have achieved a significant 59% in incident tickets, reflecting streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency in addressing and resolving issues.


Enhanced TV Service Quality

Our algorithms help optimize performance, content appeal, and revenue generation for TV operators. Valuable insights into subscriber behavior enable efficient content strategies and enticing TV packages.


Subscriber Satisfaction

Efficient incident resolution and TV platform improvements create a remarkable viewer experience, benefiting pay TV operators with limited manpower. This boosts subscriber loyalty and increases brand value without additional labor investment.

Our factory’s assets

For the creation of our insights, algorithms and automated workflows, we utilize certain key “assets”. Here are the main ones:


Our Algorithm Factory harnesses the power of data, drawing from a wealth of information related to video delivery and streaming. This extensive dataset encompasses diverse technologies from different vendors and aspects from the video delivery technology landscape such as frontend, back-end control, CDN, connectivity, user behavior, network performance, video quality, etc.

Data mining

Our experienced team leverages comprehensive domain knowledge and vendor-independent expertise in video delivery to gather and analyze data. We create valuable insights, goinging beyond standard dashboards and vendor insights, to analyze interoperability and identify root causes of technical errors.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We refine models for tasks like threshold checks, automated processing, anomaly detection, and root cause analysis. We do not just use AI, but actively develop it. Our team also designs automated workflows and predictive algorithms, for example for network congestion or specific application features and workflows like Live TV, Catch Up or Replay TV.

Our factory's end products - Maximized performance and efficiency


0 hours mean time to identify


5x faster mean time to resolve


59% less tickets


216% more changes

A bright future

As this Algorithm Factory model has been so successful, Divitel is now looking to adapt it to troubleshoot and optimize other areas that video operators are looking to expand into, such as:

    • Home Automation
      This could involve optimizing energy use, remote troubleshooting, integrating various home automation systems for smoother operation, and using system data to offer insights or suggestions to the user.
    • Home Security
      This means the use of algorithms to better detect potential security threats, to manage and control security systems more effectively, or to troubleshoot and resolve issues with these systems remotely. It could also involve using data from these systems to provide insights or recommendations to improve home security further.
    • Home Healthcare
      Algorithms could remotely monitor patient health, alert care providers of changes, manage medication schedules, and assist with therapy routines, aiming to provide quality home care and reduce hospital visits.

The increased efficiency that the Divitel Algorithm Factory enables, will help operators increase their average revenue per unit (ARPU) and decrease costs even further.



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