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OTT video delivery is a subject of great strategic importance. Unfortunately, it is also a very challenging one. Whether you have already launched an OTT platform and are struggling with the daily management. Or you want to launch one for the first time, but have difficulties choosing one of the many SaaS services. Whatever the case, as independent expert, Divitel can help you out with every aspect.


The challenges and benefits of different approaches

When thinking about OTT delivery we often come across these two different scenarios. Both have their own sets of benefits and disadvantages to be considered. Here are some of the highlights:


1. You hire your own in-house development team

This team is responsible for every aspect:

  • They select the software.
  • They integrate all technical components.
  • They launch the service.
  • They also code, test deploy and maintain.

For many this is a somewhat expensive option, but the ones who can afford it, often choose it, as it promises to offer complete control of the situation.

However it must be said, that this approach could, depending on the situation, result in a longer time to market and higher than expected operational costs.

This can be the case because these teams only have knowledge of one system (their own), making it more difficult to see problems from different view points.
In addition, while these teams are capable of making beautiful things, they often forget to include issues from a usability and daily maintenance point of view.


2. You buy a turn-key SaaS solution

These are relatively easy to deploy and maintain without any coding background. However, many underestimate that there is still a lot of work to do. The software still needs to be configured/built, updates need to be implemented frequently and depending on the software, sometimes it is not easy to integrate any third party elements.

One of the main advantages is that the workings are monitored by the vendor. However, much is to be said for outsourcing of this monitoring to an outside party who can be independent and objective (like Divitel).

Another issue to consider, is the fact that any vendor will  have its own software development roadmap. The main benefit is that the software will meet the most important market demands. On the other hand, it could also represent a challenge when a change outside of the roadmap is needed to address a particular market.


Your third option: You hire Divitel

We will act as your in-house team, except we would not be in your building, but do it remotely from our Divitel Operating Center.

We have built and manage many OTT technology. We are truly independent and can advice the best technology to fit your needs. We are able to select the best possible vendors, brands and technology from the video delivery technology landscape. In addition, we can also build bespoke platforms that don’t just work, but actively improve the quality of your video service.

In many situations, we are the most efficient option, offering the highest quality. Efficiency is key in all aspects. Selection, integration, deployment, update releases and daily management.

On average we are 30% more efficient then any alternative. Why?

  • We have over twenty years of experience with different technologies and will not make any rookie mistakes. Also we have first hand knowledge gained from many different deployments, and all of this knowledge we apply to your video service.
  • Our end-to-end, data-driven approach, allows us to deploy and maintain the service in the most efficient way possible. We make sure that not only the software works, but also all other components like transcoding, security streaming and playing.
  • We ensure all components can be monitored holistically in order to detect failures fast and pinpoint the root cause of failures immediately.
  • We speak the same language as any software vendor, preventing any miscommunication, enabling them to fix any issues fast and accurately.

You will not need to invest in your own team or any technical resources. Whether you choose a turn-key solution or a bespoke one. We can do the work for you, enabling you to focus on your content strategy or other important issues instead.


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