Assuring Video Delivery Systems on Cable: an IBC 2018 Workshop

Cable operators are facing a gigantic challenge, from competitive pressures, rapidly accelerating consumer and business bandwidth demands. With a rapid shift from DVB broadcast to TCP/IP individual service delivery and a continuous explosive growth of IP traffic in general, the cable network’s technology needs to be changed. Transformation of this kind can come at high cost creating significant Network interruption.

Together with Arris, we’ll be hosting workshops that discusses the need for these changes, possible solutions or gradual implementation scenarios and criteria to select the most appropriate one. Also, operational consequences, like maintenance and the need for specific technical staffing are overviewed. Book your personalized, closed-door IBC workshop by clicking the button below or send an email to – We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Assuring Video Delivery Systems on Cable. Now and in the future.

The workshop will consist of the following subjects:

  1. Service Delivery in Cable Ecosystems
  2. Challenges in the Implementation of DocSIS 3.1
  3. Network Advanced Performance Management

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