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With over 20 years of domain expertise, we help you optimize and innovate your video distribution. The goal is to increase your viewer satisfaction and reuse legacy as much as possible, while maximizing your return on investment and lowering operational costs.

If you partner with us, we can help you with all things video distribution. From quality troubleshooting, to system integration, to day to day operational support:


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Whatever your video delivery challenge is, you can always count on us to troubleshoot and solve any quality problem. We create recommendations for quick wins and longer term resolutions.


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Let us build, optimize or add new features and functions to your video service. We do it right. We do it fast. We do it independently. You benefit from day one.


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Improve your video service’s QoS and QoE and reduce customer churn with the ability to solve critical issues fast and accurately through the power of data and automation.

Over 20 years of video distribution expertise

Below, we have highlighted some interesting projects and customers that we helped over the years.


System integration, project management and deployment of Agamas solution for end-to-end OTT device monitoring (from head-end to OTT service distribution of Live TV channels and VoD assets).


Digital video quality troubleshooting - 66% decrease of number of customer care calls.


GO Smart Wi-Fi Guaranteed. Happy consumers and lower costs through the fast deployment of Managed Mesh WiFi

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Combined cloud and on-premise setup for full IPTV/OTT and improved Wi-Fi platform

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Re-evaluation of RFP results for a new TV platform.


DVB-C, IPTV and OTT platform shared by 25 partner networks.

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Strategy alignment and actionable roadmap.


Pre-study TV platform EurAsia.


Streaming Encoder/Packagers, Mosaic-Monitoring systems.


Freenet TV, hybrid DVB-T2 / OTT platform, Mosaic-Monitoring systems.


DRM for ISP in the role of OVP (Online Video Publisher).


DVB-T2 platform deployment.


DVB-C, IPTV and multi-format / multi-DRM OTT platform.


EMD platform renewal - hardware and software.


Compression, DVB-multiplexing and distribution system for Dutch Public Broadcasting (NPO).


Migration from middleware including OTT and APP strategy.


Streaming Encoder/Packagers.


The fist HbbTV playout system to go live in the Netherlands.


Design, build and support of multiscreen distribution of unicast streams.


Streaming platform for iPad Ziggo TV app.


DVB Headend, OTT Streaming, control room monitoring systems.


Renovation of the existing platform and migration to MMDS.


IPTV, multiscreen OTT platform.


Deployment of OTT Windows Media WebTV player. Ten Dutch TV channels could be seen on different mobile devices.


Optimized distribution of UPC content throughout Europe through the creation of a Headend in the sky.


Build of the media gateway on the Mediapark in Hilversum, The Netherlands.


Realized the first interactive video connection.


First ever G.703 media gateway connection build.

Customer Success Stories

A great in-home Wi-Fi experience for Kabelnoord customers

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IPTV Transformation for SETAR in Aruba

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Next generation TV and video operations are bionic

Today, many video and TV service providers are struggling, trying to offer a high quality at low costs. The reason is that they do not have the funds to innovate and change their situation and are too busy fighting the daily fires. This situation cannot longer continue. For their survival they must not only solve service failures, but also prevent them from happening, making video delivery more efficient, increasing service quality at acceptable costs.
Bionic operations are the solution.


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