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Agile technological solutions for video operations, seamlessly incorporating legacy systems or creating future-ready systems from scratch

Mesh WiFi Solution for Service Providers, Intelligent Analytics Solution, Multiscreen Solutions, OTT Solutions, IPTV Solutions for Operators, DVB-T2 Solutions and Projects, Independent System Integration

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Managing video business challenges, from strategy to execution. Combining a data-driven approach with decades worth of highly specialized knowledge on everything video

Video Delivery Consultancy, Video and TV Monetization Consultancy, IPTV Consultancy for Operators

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Video Delivery Landscape

200+ video delivery technology brands, companies and products

ARRIS International plc. combines hardware, software, and services across the cloud, network, and home to power TV and Internet for millions of people around the globe. ARRIS collaborates with the service providers, content providers, and retailers all over the world.

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Verimatrix specializes in securing and enhancing revenue for multi-network, multi-screen digital TV services and provides revenue security for connected video devices. The Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™)  solutions enable video service providers to cost-effectively extend their networks and enable new business models.

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Ericsson AB is a provider of technology and services to telecom operators. Ericsson’s services, software and infrastructure – especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud – are enabling the communications industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve their users’ experience and capture new opportunities.

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Nordija develops software that helps telco operators, cable tv operators and Internet service providers deliver a rich, interactive and user-friendly television and video-on-demand experience. The company’s software provides the TV user experience and integrates various 3rd party TV and video systems in one service delivery platform.

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Edgeware builds hardware and software systems that enable broadcasters, telco operators, content owners and cable providers to deliver TV content over IP networks. The company’s technology delivers TV at huge scale, gives an insight into viewing behaviour and delivers TV with an outstanding viewing experience.

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Appear TV designs and produces equipment for the delivery of professional video services. The company’s mission is to deliver products that open up new opportunities for video distribution. Appear TV works closely with customers to ensure that it is at the forefront of technology and at the same time offers user friendly equipment.

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Keepixo is a provider of software-based head-end solutions for IPTV & OTT. The company offers live and file video encoders and delivery solutions to provide advanced functions such as Catch-Up, Start-Over and nPVR. Using its cloud-ready software solutions, Keepixo combines performance, flexibility and scalability creating tailored solutions.

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Amino Communications is a global leader in innovative hybrid TV and cloud solutions that enable service providers to connect with consumers. As pioneers of IPTV and with over seven million devices sold worldwide, the company has a proven track record in providing a seamless delivery of rich entertainment experiences.

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Hibox Systems Ltd is a global provider of advanced interactive information and entertainment solutions for consumers and commercial applications. The company’s middleware platform has been successfully deployed for IPTV and OTT use by hotels, ISP’s and broadband providers, along with healthcare facilities.

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Harmonic develops video delivery infrastructure solutions. The company’s isolutions power everything from HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) compression of Ultra HD video, to cloud media processing for over-the-top (OTT) video delivery, to simplified video, voice and data delivery via innovative Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) systems.

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VisualOn technology and products target mobile handsets, tablets, streaming boxes, smart TVs, and other connected devices. VisualOn’s unique software stack is highly modular and optimized for high-quality and performance, with minimal power consumption, and low memory footprint.

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We are Divitel

Divitel is one of the world’s leading independent video systems integrators. Decades worth of knowledge about video delivery and all other facets of the video industry, have cemented Divitel as one of the foremost authorities on all things video. Divitel offers multiple managed services, including managed DRM and managed OTT, as well as consultancy on video business- and technological challenges. We design, build and maintain video delivery solutions for broadcasters, operators, and content creators worldwide. Headquartered in The Netherlands, Divitel has additional offices in Germany and Curaçao.

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