AI-Powered Operational Intelligence Platform (OIP): an IBC 2018 Workshop

At this years IBC, find out how Divitel’s Operational Intelligence Platform (OIP) can introduce operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction. Together with Ambrite, we’ll be hosting 7 AI-powered Operational Intelligence Platform workshops, in which we will discuss how our OIP can change consumer video services and how you can use it to improve your video operations Book your personalized, closed-door IBC OIP workshop by clicking the button below or send an email to – We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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Divitel’s Operational Intelligence Platform for Video and TV is an operational intelligence solution that enables video and TV businesses to make faster, smarter decisions. Through unsupervised learning, supervised learning, data mining and other AI techniques and technologies, OIP will bridge incumbent reporting, analytics and monitoring solutions with operational processes to improve Quality of Service (QoS), Quality of Experience (QoS) and – as a result – increase customer satisfaction, as well as reduce churn.

Real-time Demo

During the IBC workshop, we’ll be presenting a live demo of the OIP solution using a UHD AndroidTV App to detect QoE degradations in an operational environment. By simulating a network or application issue on a customer’s device, we show the working of OIP using several tools:

  • Data Lake

    Collects and enriches data from siloed sources in one highly agile environment, where it can be accessed, configured and reconfigured as needed.

  • Knowledge Graph

    A living, breathing backbone which contains every single bit and byte of data related to your video operations. This big data repository captures terabytes of data from connected sources which is shown in a dynamic, continuously evolving Knowledge Graph.

  • AI Modules

    Several AI tools will empower operations with real-time anomaly and error detection in all subsystems up to the individual household, before a customer reports an issue.

  • Advanced Analytics

    Introduces root-cause determination and resolution prediction, as well as predictive insights, by running advanced analytics on high-dimensional data.

  • Customer Care Dashboard

    First level support will be empowered to quickly, consistently and effectively resolve customer care issues through an AI-powered root-cause and resolution dashboard. This dashboard will recognize and interpret free text using Natural Language Processing (NLP), presenting customer care reps with a comprehensive and simple resolution which indicates the most likely root cause.

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Book your workshop now!

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