Divitel Opens Europe’s First Automated TV and Video Application Lifecycle Testlab in Apeldoorn, NL

Press release

Divitel’s high-tech testing and monitoring facility is the first of its kind aimed exclusively at broadcasters, operators and video content owners

APELDOORN, The Netherlands – November 2nd 2017 – Divitel, an independent system integrator and managed service provider for TV and video, has on November 2nd 2017 officially opened the newest addition to their headquarters in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands: A high-tech, automated TV and video application lifecycle testlab. The lab was created to assist clients in speeding up time-to-market for their TV and video applications, while ensuring quality of service on an increasingly wide range of end-user devices. It fits into Divitel’s strategy of finding highly effective, scalable ways to help TV and video companies of any size thrive in an increasingly complex industry.

Hans Kornmann, CEO and founder of Divitel stated, “I founded Divitel 20 years ago this year. I can think of no better way to celebrate two decades of innovation, then adding this high-tech facility to our headquarters. It perfectly addresses an issue we see many in the TV and video industry struggle with: How do you ensure your service evolves at the speed end-users and technological developments require, without compromising on the quality of experience? How do you launch and operate a service that works everywhere, on every device, with the desired end-user video quality, while maintaining speed and agility? The video testlab enables clients of any size to compete, instead of just survive.

This new facility combines Divitel’s experience with managed services for TV operators with cutting-edge technology from different vendors, like Witbe – creators of robotized testing- and monitoring software for Quality of Experience on end-user devices – and Agama Technologies – developers of advanced video service quality software. Proprietary tools based on machine learning are set automatically iterate and develop the functionality of the lab as more testing takes place. The new facility is the first of its kind in Europe and has already garnered attention from broadcasters, TV operators and video content owners around the globe.

As part of the official opening of the new facility, Divitel welcomed TV and video professionals from around the globe for a day of shared knowledge, discussion and exploration of the issues facing video services today. Video registration of all sessions will be made available through the Divitel website shortly after the event.


About Divitel

As a truly independent system integrator specialized in video and TV, Divitel designs, builds and manages highly effective video delivery solutions for operators, broadcasters and content owners. From OTT to IPTV and DVB-T to -S, Divitel has over 2 decades of experience working with every imaginable form of video delivery technology, with clients spanning the globe. Through a suite of services for TV operators and facilities like its recently opened automated TV and video application lifecycle testlab as well as the Divitel Operating Center, Divitel enables TV and video business of all sizes to compete on a level playing field, without the need to hand over control to ‘blackbox’ end-to-end solutions. Since 1997 and for decades to come, Divitel continuous to fundamentally change the economics of video delivery.

Grand opening of Europe's first Automated TV and Video Application Lifecycle Testlab