Scarcity in the labor market? No problem!

Facing the intricate maze of video delivery? While many operators scramble to onboard fresh talent, fierce competition keeps prices stagnant. Factor in an aging workforce, and finding the right replacement becomes a challenge. But don’t fret, we’ve got the game-changing solution you need.

Cut operational overheads and win

Join our clientele of leading operators and collaborate with us. Allow us to handle the aspects of video delivery that your schedule or team can’t accommodate. Whether it’s a one-off project or an ongoing partnership with a fixed monthly fee, we’ve got you covered.

Here is the amazing impact realized for our customers!
Imagine what this would mean for your subscriber satisfaction...


59% less tickets


0 hours mean time to identify


5x faster mean time to resolve


216% more changes

Why choose Divitel?

Efficiency through Knowledge

For over 25 years, Divitel has steered the TV platform realm.

Leveraging vast experience, we guide operators to the right choices with regards to operational efficiency, platform performance and quality.


Fast and Seamless Integrations

We help ensure lightning-fast launches and impeccable delivery.

We don’t just set the stage; we ensure every act runs flawlessly, turning viewers into fans and challenges into smooth sails.


Excellence Around the Clock

We’re your proactive eyes, spotting automation chances and preempting issues.

With our continuous remote support, your systems run smoothly around the clock.


The operational magic applied at Quickline


Navigating the daily intricacies of Switzerland’s top operator, we inject a dash of operational magic. The result? Lightning-fast resolutions to tech hiccups and a soaring NPS score that sings praises. All this while keeping an eagle eye on operational costs.


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Chief Innovation Officer
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