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When you are busy fighting the daily operational fires, it can be almost impossible to find the resources needed to solve certain recurring issues or other things outside of the daily routine.

Whatever these matters are, our people are here to offer a helping hand. And we do it:

  • quickly,
  • accurately and more importantly,
  • hands-on.


Below are just a couple of examples of what we can do for you. Of course, we will customize depending on your situation:

Digital Video Quality Troubleshooting


Are macro blocking, black screens, buffering or other recurring failures taking too long to solve?

Our experts have the required expertise and apply a proven approach to determine the root cause of problems and help your people fix recurring issues fast and accurately.

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RFP Support


You need to find a new technology vendor, but you are just too busy fighting the daily fires? No worries! We make vendor selection easy by executing your RFP process. And we are independent, which means that the selected tool will always be the best fit for your current and future needs.

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Platform Audit


We can help you identify shortcomings of your current IPTV/OTT/hybrid video distribution platform and provide recommendations on how to improve the QoE.

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Performance Data Monetization


Let us show you how you too could make a quantum leap forwards in operational efficiency. We can guide you every step of the way on how to harness the power of video distribution data and automation, to:

  • improve quality,
  • decrease costs,
  • increase subscriber satisfaction,
  • improve your bottom line.
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Why Divitel?

When it comes to video delivery, we are in total control.

Our end-to-end, data-driven approach enables us to know with absolute certainty how the video distribution is performing or is going to perform (no more guesswork!) for any deployment.

This means that any improvement recommendation we make, can be fact checked, ensuring the desired effect. This guarantees 100% successful deployments and no unpleasant surprises after go live.

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