How to deal with the risks of Pay TV operations

Properly working video distribution is key for the subscriber experience and requires a specific set of skills to get it right. There are many pitfalls to be avoided, especially in the day-to-day management.

Pay TV operators here need a partner who knows what these pitfalls are, so they can avoid them and reduce risks. Because they know that if their TV platforms do not work properly, it will have a large impact on subscriber satisfaction, churn, NPS and, let’s not forget, revenue and margin.

Outsourcing the day-to-day management and maintenance is not a decision that is taken lightly, but it is one of the best ways to manage these growing operational risks. Our customers choose us, because they know for certain that we know what we are doing.

By applying our award-winning approach to video distribution, we monitor platform performance much more accurately, and reduce the number of viewing issues (incidents and problems) fast.

Complexity graph

The graph shows how complexity of the TV platforms that we manage is increasing over the years. Complexity caused by a growing number of subscribers, technology components and features and functions added.

increase stability, agility, and be in control

Above you can see that even though complexity is increasing, we are still increasing our level of control, stability and agility. By creating more monitoring insights we solve viewing issues problems faster, reduce the number of issues and free up labor capacity to apply more changes.


Some of the many day-to-day operational challenges and risks


First-line support for Pay TV operations

How to detect critical viewing issues fast


Second-line support for Pay TV operations

How to identify the root cause of viewing issues fast


How to know that the fix or change is the right one

Luckily, we know exactly what to do with these challenges. By outsourcing these activities to us, pay TV operators are not only transferring risks to us, but also freeing up valuable engineering capacity to use for other priorities.


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