IBC Digital Content Distribution Workflow Tour

Increase sales, improve brand loyalty and customer satisfaction through efficient video distribution

   Date: Thursday November 18, 2021
    Time: 14.00 CET
    Duration: 60 minutes

As video content consumption increases, viewing quality has a major impact on brand reputation, customer loyalty and revenue. With prices under pressure and resources limited, efficiency in operations becomes mission critical. This is why many operators are rethinking the way they manage the error-prone delivery of video content. The increasing number of technology components that make up a TV/video distribution architecture, and the pace at which these components change, make the process of upgrade and maintenance expensive and difficult to manage.

What is required to increase control and efficiency? Divitel’s Chief Business Development Officer, Gerton van den Beld, will disclose the impactful steps taken by Divitel in this process.

Divitel joins Witbe, Skylark and Huawei during this IBC Digital Content Distribution Workflow Tour, which is complementary if you have registered for a free IBC ticket. This digital event focusses on streaming, video-on-demand, and the challenges of delivering a great direct-to-consumer experience.

As the worlds of linear and OTT collide, we tour the fast-growing market for online video, CDNs, content security and delivery and cloud playout, user experience and personalisation, along with monetisation and advertising.

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About Divitel

Divitel helps video and TV services make a quantum leap forwards in the profitability and efficiency of their video delivery by decreasing the dynamic complexity of ecosystems and building greener, future proof video distribution. We help improve and optimize processes ranging from OTT to IPTV to DVB so that our customers can offer their subscribers the best service quality at the lowest possible costs. With customers all over the globe, Divitel applies over twenty years of focused video delivery expertise and offers hands on troubleshooting, system integration and operational services powered by a bionic, data-driven approach. Divitel has its own ISO27001-certified Operating Center in Apeldoorn, from which we remotely run customers’ daily video services and we have recently been appointed as Global Innovator by the World Economic Forum.