Dramatically speed up time-to-market without sacrificing quality of service through Europe’s first automated TV and Video Application Lifecycle Lab: Managed test automation greatly reduces the service quality risk associated with each new release, but it’s just the first step. Join us as we develop the TV and video application lifecycle facility of the future, by leveraging AI and robotization to perfect the way in which releases get tested and validated.

Automated TV and Video Application Lifecycle Lab

The TV and Video Delivery Landscape is changing. Learn how Application Lifecycle practices can significantly improve your time-to-market, ensure quality of service and help you innovate at the pace the market requires. Drop us a note and we’ll happily tell you all about how our newest facility ensures that TV operators can launch, update and iterate on their service with minimal impact on platform-stability.

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As an operator or broadcaster, keeping up with end-user expectations, as well as the continuous changes and developments impacting the many different moving parts that make up your video delivery solution, is challenging – to say the least. How do you ensure that your service iterates and evolves at the speed your customers require? And how do you ensure quality of service, while keeping up with changes in the technology that powers your solution? Through Europe’s first automated TV and Video Application Lifecycle Lab, we can help.

TV and video delivery technology is increasingly complex. Countless end-user devices, a multitude of vendors and an increasing number of moving parts are rendering the traditional practice of manual testing prohibitively time-consuming and expensive. Through automation of – often complicated – test cases, we’re able to greatly reduce this complexity, while guaranteeing accurate, actionable results.

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