The case

CAIW is a Dutch innovative service provider who offers digital radio, TV and internet in a great number of regions in the Netherlands. With its forward thinking CAIW was the first service provider in Europe offering cable internet in 1995 and was first in introducing digital TV on a large scale in 2005. Today CAIW has a HFC network, with a big reach on their FttH network. To progress on the TV proposition and stay innovative CAIW believed in IP to be the next thing.

The challenge

As a technical and innovative company with a great deal of experience in the analogue and digital TV space, IPTV was a new venture for CAIW. CAIW partnered with Divitel in design and built a future proof and fit for use platform. IPTV brings a lot of new features to customers which bring their own challenges technologically, in maintaining and from a marketing business angle.

The solution

As long standing technological partners CAIW and Divitel jointly worked on designing an IPTV platform. We offered our expertise and knowledge and built the platform to distribute HD TV channels through IP, first to the TV screen and later on to multiscreen devices. The platform is developing over the years and now consists of the digital head-end, encoding and transcoding, middleware with HD skinning, DRM and cPVR. Besides live TV deployment we developed features like HD catch-up TV, OTT VOD and live TV on Multiscreen. Divitel is partnering with CAIW on maintaining the entire eco-system and evolving the technology to bring more features to the customers and to bring down operational costs of the platform.

The benefits

  • The ability to deliver video with the highest quality over IP.
  • Full redundancy throughout the eco-system.
  • Content security through scrambling content.
  • Scalability platform, to scale up on number of end customers as in adding new features.
  • Securing quality perception and name as HD provider to end-customers.

The end-user benefits

  • High quality Full HD live TV.
  • Full HD catch up TV.
  • Wide variety of features; EPG, VOD, Pay per view events, PVR, time shift TV and Multiscreen TV.

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