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Divitel brings every screen to life. With our Divitel operating Center (DOC) we provide a professional and ITIL-based service environment. We aim to optimize your uptime and ensure high end-user experience and customer satisfaction.


Ensuring high end-user experience and customer satisfaction

In order to do so, we present the Divitel Operating Center (DOC). The DOC is a high-tech monitoring facility that pro-actively supports and manages video distribution platforms and solutions worldwide. In the DOC you will find a team of experienced and passionate support engineers who “detect, inform and solve” 24/7!

We offer different kinds of support & maintenance packages in order to meet all the different requests from our customers. Contact us to find out how we can service & support you.

Divitel Operating Center


The Divitel Operating Center

In the Divitel Operating Center we aim to continuously improve our support and maintenance capabilities. Based on ITIL best practices and years of experience we detect, inform, solve and improve! In 20 years we grew from re-active support, to active support to pro-active support.

Our enthusiastic and dedicated “Service & Support team” is managed by highly trained and experienced service delivery managers. Thanks to the diversity of our projects worldwide, the specialized training at our ATP partners and our full focus on video technology solutions, we ensure that our knowledge is always up to date.

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