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iOS 10

Apple is breaking down it's walled garden with the release of iOS 10 by making it possible for third party developers to build Siri, Maps and even iOS Message and Phone extensions into their applications. This means that developers are now able to integrate their existing applications with the core iOS functions or even replace the core functions of iOS with their own applications.

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Android N

Android N has recently been officially named as Android Nougat and is introducing all kinds of exciting new features and possibilities for third party developers. The official Android N public launch date is likely coming soon, a new Developer Preview has been launched at IO 2016, being held last May.

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New dishfarm for NEP

Dutch facilitator NEP is specialized in streaming live broadcastevents worldwide. NEP facilitates the complete workflow, from registration to creation, to management and worldwide distribution.

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Klaus Buenk new Partner Manager

My name is Klaus Buenk and I joined Divitel on July 1st as a partner manager. Some of you might already know me since I worked for Divitel in the period 2012-2014 as a business development manager. I have been working in broadcast and media over twenty years with a strong focus on the development and sales of software and integration services.