Divitel shares secret with Dutch cable company KPN

Divitel trains upcoming engineers KPN

We find ourselves in a very dynamic and rapidly evolving technological market where knowledge is king. We build our knowledge through 20 years full focus on video distribution technology and projects worldwide. In order to enable our customers to run a successful  TV & video business we provide our knowledge in the form of inspiring trainings and courses.

Two weeks ago six upcoming engineers from Dutch cable company KPN gathered in Apeldoorn to follow our Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) and Internet Protocol TeleVision (IPTV) course. Four intensive days, a lot of refreshing drinks and one tough exam later we are proud of the results. KPN has a couple of trained engineers and is ready for the future!
We are proud of this form of knowledge sharing in which we do not only keep our knowledge to ourselves but also share it with external parties.
Do you also want to learn the secrets of Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB), Internet Protocol TeleVision (IPTV), OTT technology or other Video distribution related topics? Contact us via marketing@divitel.com and learn what we can do for you.
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