Employee Spotlight: Emile de Ruiter

About Emile

Emile de Ruiter (39), is one of Divitel’s “oldest” employees. Oldest not with regards to his age, but with regards to his career at Divitel. He started working as a Sales Desk employee in 2004 and is now our Technology Manager & Senior IPTV/OTT Architect.

In his spare time, Emile is a fanatic runner. In October, he strives to participate in the Amsterdam Marathon again. Besides being a sports enthusiast, Emile is also a loving husband and father to his two children.



Emile de Ruiter

Emile, plays an important role within our company and we wanted to introduce him to you through a short interview.

How did you get from Sales Desk employee to Technology Manager & IPTV/OTT Architect?

When, I started working at Divitel 17 years ago, Divitel only had 5 employees. I was hired as a Sales Desk employee and after two years, I changed roles and became Divitel’s Service and Support Manager, which meant that I supported our customers as efficiently as possible with their technical video distribution issues.

However, I saw then that the market was changing fast and that our customers needed support in the field of IPTV and DVB platforms. That’s why in 2008, after the necessary studies, I became the companies ICT/DVB Engineer, helping customers with their design, building and system integration needs. Later, in 2014, I became System Architect (2014) and in 2017, Technology Manager & Senior IPTV/OTT Architect.

What exactly does a Technology Manager & IPTV/OTT Architect do?

I specialize in the design and system integration of professional end-to-end IPTV & OTT platforms. For every customer we select the best products and technologies from all over the world and integrate these into full end-to-end solutions. Besides designing traditional on-premise platforms, I also specialize in designing OTT content delivery platforms that can be deployed as cloud services based on IaaS, PaaS and SaaS delivery models.


The Video Delivery Landscape 2021

In addition to his daily activities, Emile is also involved in the development of the Video Delivery Landscape (an overview of all relevant technology components of video delivery ecosystems), of which this spring we will be launching the 8th edition!

Can you give us some background information about the Video Delivery Landscape?

The Video Delivery Landscape is an illustration of the ecosystem that allows well informed decisions to meet the video delivery needs of TV operators and Video service providers.

Over the years, the ecosystem has become increasingly complex, with the landscape being transformed both by changing patterns of consumption and by the entry of new players at different stages of the value chain.

In 2017, our first version of the Landscape was simply a collection of the knowledge contained within our organization. Since then, the overview has evolved into something that incorporates knowledge and feedback from the whole video delivery community.

Video Delivery Landscape

What is your role within the development of the Video Delivery Landscape?

Every year, together with my colleague, Tuan Huynh (Divitel’s Chief Innovation Officer), we reassess the structure (categories) which are based on video delivery technology trends and conversations we have with vendors and customers. The Landscape consist of strategic partners, known house hold brands and also new ones.


The Video Delivery Landscape is not complete?

We’ve had to make choices to stop the result from being just a huge pile of logos. As such, we have only included those companies, brands and products we deem most relevant. Nevertheless, we are very open to feedback, so if you feel something is missing, send an email to marketing@divitel.com.