After the Media Cloud Transformation Summit 2019

November 14th, 2019  —  Last Thursday, in our headquarters in Apeldoorn, we hosted our yearly event, entitled and dedicated to the Cloud Transformation in the video industry, with the contribution and co-sponsorship of Amazon Web Services.


Cloudification is such a hot topic: not only in our business but everywhere! As a matter of fact, when we mentioned our intentions to dedicate our summit to it, our friends at the World Economic Forum jumped at the opportunity of having Mrs. Kirstine Stewart (Executive Committee’s member) join for what would have become our keynote speech: The 4th Industrial Revolution and its impact on the media industry. Being off to a very promising start, we continued preparations of what in the end turned out to be a very educating day, consisting of 5 sessions and concluded with a panel discussion with market players.

The summit was conceived to first introduce the benefits of cloud adoption at a high level and then to deep dive into lessons learned and real life examples.

Our attendees were a mix of senior executives, industry leaders and innovators across the Media and Entertainment industry in the Netherlands and in Germany and we have been glad to hear that their overall feedback was more than positive.

Kirstine Stewert, World Economic Forum

After the World Economic Forum keynote, we continued with a presentation which was more theoretical but non the less very interesting for the cloudification process: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Here we fully counted on Prof. Kok, Dean of the University of Twente, who provided a unique and uncommon landscape, allowing also the non-technical listeners to understand complex concepts and guiding the whole audience towards the transformation that AI is driving in our media and entertainment industry.

During the lunch buffet offered at the Divitel lobby, our visitors were able to see how Divitel deals with the cloud with a tour of our new, expanded Divitel Operating Center. Under the guidance of Wouter Slot, Divitel COO, they saw the monitors that we use to efficiently manage our customers’ operations, control the implemented KPI’s and understand what combination of software and domain knowledge is needed to get a grip of video operations through data driven processes.

After the tour, Mr. Niels Baas from the Dutch service provider NLZiet, showed how it is possible to implement new cloud solutions to fight the broadcast giants and still gain competitive advantage. Our attendees rated this presentation as one of the most interesting of the day.

Panel Discussing Cloud summit

The last presentation, from our cloud-partner and sponsor AWS, focussed on the impact of cloudification on business performance. Niall Duffy – M&E partner segment lead for Europe – showed the audience how to transform media workflows with the inclusion of AI and automation. 

Last but not least, there was a panel discussion among Gabor Molnar (Evangelist of Video Technology & Science), Niall Duffy from AWS, Niels Bass from NLZIET and Yann Madeleine from Viacess-Orca, all moderated by Anette Schaefer, answering a lot of questions from different perspectives and allowing the audience to interact.

We wrapped up the day with the possibility to network while having drinks & tapas and with the promise to continue organizing these kind of summits, the next one hopefully to take place in Germany too.



Did you miss all this awesomeness? No worries! Here are some of the main key take-aways according to attendees:

Take-Away 1


Sitting and waiting is not an option nowadays: the market is shrinking and there’s no place for everybody. Only who can read the signals of the incoming industrial revolution and is able to invest in the new technologies can survive and be a protagonist in the next months. Being “big” is not a guarantee any longer and nobody is safe

Take-Away 2


Data is the new petroleum. Only who can implement a corresponding strategy and learn how to read data in a proper way today, can rule tomorrow. Results are clear and measurable when data is the driver.

Take-Away 3


One of the most amazing lessons was that failure is not only admitted, but inevitable: nobody knows the truth and this means you have to try and risk. The only requirement is that you are fast and data driven in doing it. Who is afraid to move and thinks that sitting and watching is the answer, will fail.

Take-Away 4


A lot of people think that the cloud is something to fear because of its disruptive power. But, at the end of the day, cloudification is just implementing a tool. And, like any other tool, it has pros and cons, but totally ignoring it in the name of philosophical speculations is also refusing its high potential.

Take-Away 5


Public is king and its way of watching TV already transformed the whole media scenario around the world. There’s no company who can make it alone. New forms of collaboration and cooperation are needed, often already in place and will continue to evolve, with the aim to accommodate tastes and needs of customers and also granting the development of specialized new jobs and capabilities that machines can not handle.


Stay tuned for the next events! We are all satisfied and full of energy for the incoming initiatives during 2020!


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