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Right now, Amsterdam is the center of the video and TV world, as thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of attendees have descended on the Dutch capital to talk about the past, present and future of the industry. Meet up with us during IBC 2018 to learn about the exciting new ways in which we’re helping operators and broadcasters fundamentally change the economics of their video delivery operations. Read on to find out what we have in store for this year’s IBC.

We’re doing exciting things for operators. Meet us at IBC 2018 and learn more

As the system integrator specialized in video delivery technology, our expertise is second to none. As such, we’d love the opportunity to talk to you about upcoming video delivery technology projects, challenges and solutions. There’s more, though. There’s a growing need for techniques like real-time event stream processing and the insights needed to enhance end-user quality of experience, increase efficiencies and improve operational economics. Our answer is our Operational Intelligence Platform for Video and TV and we’d love to tell you all about it at IBC.

Use the form below, mail or reach out to your Divitel contact to set up a meeting at one of our dedicated on-site meeting rooms at IBC 2018.

Find out how AI can improve video delivery economics today

Are you a (TV) operator or broadcaster that would like know more about AI voor video and its opportunities for your business? Are you attending IBC 2018 in Amsterdam? We’re hosting closed-door, one-hour AI workshops that dive into how AI is impacting our industry and how you could benefit. Let Divitel and NVIDIA experts provide you with actionable insights related to the AI-revolution shaking our industry to its core. Read more about the workshop and how to sign up for one at our Practical AI for TV and Video Today: An IBC 2018 Workshop page.

We’re bringing back 2017’s successful TV Strategy Navigator session

We will be hosting 7 complementary TV Strategy Navigator sessions again at IBC in Amsterdam. In each of these sessions, Divitel’s Chief Innovation Officer Tuan Huynh, will discuss how to balance between the rising costs of an ‘audience-centric’ strategy and the return-on-investment promise based on direct and indirect revenues. Filling out the TV Strategy Navigator allows you to unearth, align and document strategic priorities related to your video or TV business, resulting in a model that will help you to become a (more) ‘fan-centric’ business. Are you a pay TV operator, service provider, content producer or content owner? Sign up for one of the 7 sessions by filling out the form at our TV Strategy Navigator Session page.

Update: All TV Strategy Navigator session slots have been filled. Our apologies to those who were unable to sign up. 

Assuring Video Delivery Systems on Cable – Now and in the future: An IBC 2018 Workshop

Cable operators are facing a gigantic challenge, from competitive pressures, rapidly accelerating consumer and business bandwidth demands. With a rapid shift from DVB broadcast to TCP/IP individual service delivery and a continuous explosive growth of IP traffic in general, the cable network’s technology needs to be changed. Transformation of this kind can come at high cost creating significant Network interruption. Together with Arris, we’ll be hosting personalized, closed-door IBC workshops that discusses the need for these changes, possible solutions or gradual implementation scenarios and criteria to select the most appropriate one. Also, operational consequences, like maintenance and the need for specific technical staffing are overviewed. Book your workshop now on our Assuring Video Delivery Systems on Cable: An IBC 2018 Workshop page.

How OIP can improve the economics of your TV or video business today

Find out how Divitel’s Operational Intelligence Platform (OIP) can introduce operational efficiencies and increase customer satisfaction. Together with Ambrite, we’ll be hosting 7 AI-powered Operational Intelligence Platform workshops at IBC, in which will discuss how our OIP can change consumer video services and how you can use it to improve your video operations. Book your personalized, closed-door IBC workshop today at our AI-Powered Operational Intelligence Platform (OIP): an IBC 2018 Workshop page.

The fifth – and 2018’s final – edition of the Video Delivery Landscape

If you’re involved in video delivery technology in any shape or form, you know about the Video Delivery Landscape. What started out as an internal tool to illustrate an increasingly complex vendor ecosystem, has turned into a phenomenon that has found it’s way to tens of thousands of video and TV professionals. At this years IBC, we will release the fifth – and 2018’s final – edition of the Video Delivery Landscape. Leave your email address on our Video Delivery Landscape page and you’ll receive a digital copy of the poster when it launches, on September 14th. If you’re attending IBC 2018, visit our floor in the Elicium (Hall 13, 3rd floor) for an A1 print copy of the Video Delivery Landscape 2018 – IBC edition.

Divitel's Video Delivery Landscape 2018 #1

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