Meet us at IBC 2019 – Operators & Internet Service Providers

This year, at IBC 2019, we will be hosting different free, one-on-one, closed-door sessions, specifically tailored for Operators and Internet Service Providers. Our experts will be leveraging from over 20 years of video domain experience and will share with you the different ways you could transform your video operations into a more modern video service. Not only transforming efficiently and successfully, but also maximizing the ROI of your legacy technology by utilizing the latest technologies, in order to do more with less.

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Our Sessions for Operators and Internet Service Providers

Maximize the ROI on your technology while migrating towards a full SaaS video service​

Operators and Service Providers are today dealing with hyper competition in the media landscape. In order to not only survive, but to increase their competitiveness, they must offer customers certain features and functions. In order to do that, they need to add cloud technology to their end-to-end video service and transform their legacy TV into a more modern, hybrid or even full cloud platform.

During this one-on-one, closed-door session, we will tell you all about how our cutting-edge technology, end-to-end integrations and excellent data-driven operations help.

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Discover what’s changing in the Video Technology Landscape and take control of your video business!​ – Brain Upgrade for Divitel Customers

If you are a Divitel customer you can’t afford to miss out on this one-on-one, closed door session at IBC 2019. Our Chief Technology Officer Tuan Huynh will go through the significant changes in the field of video delivery technology and show you how you too can benefit!

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Capacity Planning and Artificial Intelligence for Video Operations​

How do you efficiently plan resources, when you have no idea about the number ofincidents and problems that you can expect? Without Artificial Intelligence you don’t. Because it’s simply impossible!

During this one-on-one, closed-door session, we can show you how we do it, by applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to unleash the power of your video operations data.

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Introducing the new Cash Cow for Operators and ISP’s ​– Remotely Managed WiFi Networks

Did you know that around 80% of your customers is willing to upgrade to a premium WiFi package? And that around 70% has already contacted you, at least once, about WiFi issues? Find out all about how a growing number of operators and internet service providers are cashing out on their WiFi blind spot and utilizing it to create extremely loyal customers.

During this one-on-one, closed-door session, we will disclose all our lessons learned from recent deployments and show you how you too can decrease costs, generate upgrade opportunities, prevent customer churn and differentiate from your competitors, by obtaining real-time, in-home WiFi performance visibility.

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What does the Trade War mean to your video service?

Are you also concerned about the full impact of the ongoing economic trade war on your existing deployment and future strategy? Let us help you analyze your exposure and explore risk mitigations, in combination with your future opportunities such as adapting AndroidTV.

Join our special one-on-one, closed-door session about this topic during IBC2019.

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Video Services and Artificial Intelligence​ – Don’t miss our SCTE presentation

Artificial Intelligence-powered operations and fully automated testing are the next steps in the video service providers’ agenda to become more effective, proactive, and predictive.

This presentation by Divitel Chief Evangelist Dr. Gabor Molnar will highlight how recent advances in AI research can be employed, to enable sustainable business growth through excellent video operations.

Date: Monday, September 16th.
Time: 14.15 – 14.45 hrs.
Location: RAI Amsterdam, Emerald Room.
No registration necessary.

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